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A Peer-to-Peer Data Processing Network

Data Ownership Re-Imagined

Nerian is a Network where data is stored and shared privately and securely between Data Providers and Data Users. Individuals take ownership of their data with the possibility to monetise their digital oil and provide businesses with intentional specific data sets optimising their advertisements.

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The Nerian Grid dashboard is a comprehensive overview of a peer's data on the Internet
Detailed description of data being managed
Profile picture of the Data User, Provider or Host using the interface

Data Provider

Monitor, own, and monetise your data.

A one-stop Data Vault that monitors your personal data across the Web

  • Amazon
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
A privacy-first approach

Private & Secure

True data ownership is realised through self-custodying personal data


Cosent-driven data monetisation leads to fair and accurate data processing and advertisements


Data Providers handle their personal data in their private and secure Data Vaults. They have an idea of what data is around on the web, become true owners and have the choice to delete and even monetise their data to specific Data Users.

The Data Vault is more than just a digital personal data wallet

Data User

Get individual-specific datasets based on intention.

Data Users can request Data Providers to share specific data sets and thus share their intentions for purchasing specific goods or services. The solution enables businesses to act based on consumer intention instead of competing for their mere attention.

Data Users have access to specific datasets allowing them to create accurate advertisements for potential consumers while respecting the data's sovereignty and integrity.

True targeted advertising based on firsthand datasets shared between the consumer and the business, removing the middleman

Data Host

Integrate the Network as a developer connecting peers and businesses through an API.

Easy integration

Tap into the Nerian Network by adding the data processing layer to your business or help build the ecosystem through Github.

Integrate the Nerian Network into your application and provide your users with the peer-to-peer Data Processing Framework. Enable ethical data privacy, security and monetisation. Create an ethical business model for your company.

The Nerian Mobile App

Genesis Nodes

The Nerian Network is deployed on an autonomous cloud infrastructure and technology provided by Genesis Nodes.

Provide Cloud Capacity

Earn NERIAN tokens

Industrial Infrastructure


We can't do it alone. We are part of a bigger ecosystem.




XRP Ledger

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