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General FAQ

If you can't find an answer to your questions in the FAQ, don't hesitate to contact us through chat, email, Discord, Twitter or Telegram to source the data retrieval tools you need


What makes the project so different?

Building web3 applications on web2 infrastructure, it just doesn't add up. Therefore, Nerian has consciously chosen to build from the ground up, layer 0. The project utilises NAIEIN's Open Source Technology based on ThreeFold.

Who is the project for?

The project is built for people conscious of ethically sourced and processed data. Individuals can be sure their personal data is secure and private with the choice to monetise it. Companies or businesses are able to utilise ethically sourced and processed data as a Data User or provide the data framework via their application(s) as a Data Host. We also urge developers to help build the project and contribute in the form of code!


What is the NERIAN Token?

The NERIAN Token is a utility token. It acts as the embodiment of data and currency to trade data easily. The NERIAN Token is the monetary value layer within the peer-to-peer data processing framework. The Token can only be minted through various minting algorithms.

On which blockchain is the NERIAN Token issued?

Currently, the NERIAN Token is issued on the XRP Ledger. The XRPL infrastructure is notorious for its speed, scalability and security. Choosing an existing infrastructure like the well-respected XRP Ledger is convenient and gives us the opportunity to prioritize our focus on the network in these initial stages. In the near future, we plan to launch our own blockchain and build multiple bridges with existing ecosystems, to extend our reach and impact as a community. 

Is the NERIAN Token an investment?

NERIAN token or node should not be viewed or acquired as an investment, should not be perceived as an investment opportunity or obtained with a view to resell or distribute.


The token is a utility token solely used to take advantage of the network, not for investment purposes or to be passively held with an expectation of profit. Nerian Network does not represent any equity, debt, profit or any other interest in Nerian Network or in any other entity or organization.


You should only purchase the NERIAN token or a node for the use of the network/platform.

Genesis Nodes

What makes the Genesis Nodes unique?

The funds generated with the sale of node licenses will be used to purchase and install the underlying infrastructure required. These nodes will generate Internet capacity (cloud capacity) which will in turn be used to deploy applications and host the Data Vault.

Are the tokens paid for a Genesis Node locked up?

No, the tokens are a cost made by the community member wishing to operate a node. The funds paid in NERIAN tokens to a wallet owned by Nerian. Therefore, these funds remain seen as circulating supply and are not locked.

Where can I buy a Genesis Node?

The Genesis Nodes are available for purchase via the Nodes Dashboard.

What are the functions of the Genesis Nodes?

To provide Internet capacity in the early stages of the project. In the future we will deploy applications upon the Nerian Grid alongside the applications developed by Hosts.

Will the price of the Genesis Node be pegged or fixed?

The price of a Genesis Node will start at 5,000 USD and will gradually increase with more nodes coming online; expressed in NERIAN tokens at the market price.

Therefore, the amount of NERIAN due for a node will change constantly as the price of the NERIAN token is traded on the open market. To see the list of supported exchanges, visit this page.

No technical know-how or expensive hardware is required, how does this work?

The node servers that are referred to are physically located in Belgium whilst Node Operators who buy a license to run the software, act as the end-user. This also means that there is no need for a VPS with a conventional cloud provider.

My Internet connection is not reliable, can I participate?

Yes, the node network does not require hardware or Internet capacity from the Node Operator to run. This means that you do not have a dedicated amount of time that you need to remain online as the servers are connected in Belgium.

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