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Work at Nerian

There are always opportunities for hungry people to join our team

Nerian Network OÜ is building and expanding. The company is laying down the crucial building blocks for a peer-to-peer data processing network. In 2023, we are moving to the next phase and therefore mountains of work have to be moved.

We are a team of hungry entrepreneurs and engineers driven by the opportunity to create a data retrieval tools and data storage solution that enables secure data processing on a peer-to-peer network. We have the technology, the team and the timing to build an edge cloud network, markets and even economies, creating more open, sustainable and autonomous ways of living and working.

If you identify with the above, you’re not just looking for a 9–5 but a 5–9, and are ready to take complete ownership of this position — we look forward to hearing from you.

Open Positions at Nerian

Marketing Specialist Marker

Marketing Specialist

We are seeking a marketing & communication specialist responsible to communicate our vision with the world effectively and in a specific manner. You will be the voice for and of our community, helping to grow it to the next level.


  • Knowing your way around the crypto community (on Twitter) is a big bonus

  • Proven experience or drive for the role

  • A bit weird

  • Don’t be afraid to jump

Software Engineer

The role presents an opportunity to become an integral part of our (development) team thinking about architectural designs and implementing them through code.

We are seeking multiple Full Stack Developers responsible for coding and developing projects such as desktop — and mobile applications, Data Vaults and Digital Twins, UI, browser extensions, and much more.


  • Knowledge and interest in blockchain technologies; interest in autonomous technology and Web 3.

  • Familiarity with the Rust ecosystem is a bonus.

  • The flexibility to wipe everything you think to know and start from scratch…

  • Open Source experience

  • A bit weird

  • Don’t be afraid to jump

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