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A Peer-to-Peer Data Processing Network

Nerian is a peer-to-peer network for data processing, where data is shared securely and privately. On the one hand, Internet users nowadays who produce data using all kinds of applications find themselves in a position not being able to manage the data they produced and are presented with irrelevant marketing elements not corresponding to their current needs. On the other hand, businesses invest in marketing strategies that do not prove fruitful and fail to reach individuals in the right place at the right time.

Nerian is building open-source blockchain-based data retrieval tools to suit the needs of all parties involved and proposing a solution to the traditional need for a third party to the custody of personal data. In this model, everyone can manage the processing of their data and is rewarded for its utilisation, which in turn allows for more specific and efficient advertisements, that address their needs.

Data Providers create and own their personal data on the Internet

Data Provider

The Provider is any entity, business(es), or individual(s), who owns the data produced through the use of cloud applications.

Data Hosts builds and maintain autonomous applications on the Nerian Grid

Data Host

The Host is any entity, business(es), or individual(s), who makes and maintains cloud applications. Through these applications, data is produced by Providers as well as used and consumed by Users (and for example turned into digital advertising).

Data Users purchase personal data from Providers

Data User

The User is any entity, business(es), or individual(s), who uses the data provided by Providers. Reasons for using these datasets could include, but will not be limited to, the purpose of optimizing marketing strategies for personalized advertisements.

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