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Genesis Nodes

The Genesis Nodes are the cornerstone of the framework upon which Nerian is deployed. They form part of the larger autonomous cloud infrastructure that hosts the applications and protocols developed by Nerian.

What is a Nerian Genesis Node?

The Nerian Genesis Node is a protocol building real layer 0 infrastructure (servers) to run future applications with data privacy and cybersecurity at its core focus.

The Genesis Nodes will, however, not only be limited to personal data for the advertising sector, but also extend to the medical, agricultural, and educational sectors.


Find out how you can participate to help secure the Network.


The Genesis Nodes are a NaaS protocol operating on autonomous cloud infrastructure built and maintained by our sister company - NAIEIN.

Node operators
Inter-connecting network beween Node Operators and the Nerian Grid
Node Operators
  • Secure your personal data

  • No technical experience is required!

  • There will only ever be 3,000 nodes

  • Startup cost: 5,000 USD for a Genesis Node and 500 USD for a Fractional Node

  • Claim daily rewards paid in NERIAN

  • Earn referral rewards with ease

  • Secure login with your XUMM wallet

  • A yearly halving guarantees sustainability

  • Be the first to participate in new protocols

The Nerian Grid is an L2 solution
Nerian Grid
  • Fair data processing in the advertising, medical, and agricultural sectors

  • Distributed locations planned include Estonia, the Middle East and Africa

  • Node Operators help secure the Grid

  • The infrastructure is deployed and maintained on an autonomous cloud

  • Promotes sustainable, green tech

  • Develop quantum-safe data storage dApps

Interested to learn more? Read our technical white paper here

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