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User data is being collected without consent. Nerian aims to change that



In the past decade, the internet has provided us with countless possibilities, but it has also grown into something where a few companies now control over 80% of it. Users' data is sought after by a variety of companies for enormous profits, but the creators of that data are left behind. This is a billion-dollar industry in which the individual user is not sufficiently informed, protected, and usually exploited.


Personal data and digital IDs of users are treated as commodities changing hands and making the data vulnerable to breaches and hacks.


Corporations have access to personal data via obscure consent, giving them the power to spy on the user and/or share the data with authorities to do the same thing.


Data is a commodity being traded where the creator is not being rewarded.


The lack of transparency makes it very hard for individual users to have an overview of their digital identity.

Privacy is not something that I’m entitled to,  it’s an absolute prerequisite

“Privacy is not something that I’m entitled to,

it’s an absolute prerequisite” - Marlon Brando



Personal data should be protected and managed with transparency in an ethical and democratic manner, with the individual creating the data rewarding and protecting accordingly.

Nerian Network is determined to deliver the infrastructure, software and currency necessary for a transparent, ethical and democratic experience. A strong ecosystem built on trust with privacy and security as a priority focus in processing members’ data. Members will have total control of their personal data; deleting, relocating or monetising their digital footprint.


To make our applications, we need to build a crucial basic layer of infrastructure first in order to support and secure a network that aligns with our vision of privacy. This network will consist of nodes run by community members being incentivised by rewards in the form of Nerian tokens.

The Nerian Nodes are the foundational infrastructure on which user data is transferred, secured and stored
The Nerian Data Vault stores user data in a secure manner to which the owner of the wallet alone owns the encryption keys

Data vault

A secure place for users to map their digital ID and decide what happens with their data: delete, relocate or monetise. The data will transfer through and be stored on nodes that are safe from hacks and exploits. Certain data will not even be accessible to Nerian.

A new advertising model

The internet is built in a way where the user leaves a digital footprint behind.

Enormous amounts of data are being generated daily that is owned and used by a handful of players. Data is being sold for the purpose of targeted ads, to make someone consume more. Your attention is put up for auction where you are not rewarded, respected or have any control.

Now information can come at the right time and place. Imagine a place where the user has taken back control of their data and has to choose to use it however they want. A platform bringing together a business and the user. Where the journey starts from the intention of the user, with loyalty towards the user. The focus on your attention shifts to your intention.

A concrete example

Imagine you want to buy a new hardware wallet for your cryptocurrencies. That data and more relevant data of your digital ID becomes available to providers of hardware wallets with your consent and you being rewarded for it. All of a sudden, only users with the intention to buy a hardware wallet are being targeted with relevant ads, instead of these ads appearing on your screen without you wanting to buy. Companies start competing for your specific intention with the right information at the right time and place. The focus on your attention shifts to your intention.

The journey starts with the best interest of the user in mind.


Users have full control of their data, meaning they choose what happens with the data they produce: delete, relocate or monetise. The journey to buy something online starts with them. Relevant ads are

being presented at the right time and right place for a fair reward and respect for their data.


Businesses get access to the intention of a user, rather than the attention. This is a major shift in selling a good or service. The user is actively looking for it and wants to be approached. This removes the need to pay huge amounts of money for irrelevant advertisement campaigns.

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